About us

PRO Monting d.o.o. Celje was founded in 2003 and has its main activities in the areas of electrical installations, the construction of ventilation systems, assembly and dismantling of transport systems and machines. Whether installation of industrial plants, telecommunications, automation or safety and control – our employees have the necessary know-how and experience. Service and maintenance in various industries are also part of PRO Monting’s well-known fields of activity.

As a modern and employee-oriented company, we are aware that the quality of the services provided is the most important indicator of business success. For this reason, we constantly invest in the knowledge and further training of our experts in order to achieve the goals set by our customers with the support of the latest information technologies. Thanks to our responsible work attitude, we have already conquered markets in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, France and the USA.

A team of 120 highly qualified experts from the electrical, metal and mechanical engineering industries supports perfectly these activities. As a company, we are particularly proud of the professionalism of our electricians and fitters – the quality of the services provided allows us to grow step by step and in this way we establish long-term business relationships with our partners. In addition to experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for work, our team naturally also has the possibility to use our company’s modern tools, machines and vehicles. We are pleased to offer our customers high quality services for complete projects, dismantling and repairs as well as new constructions and conversions.


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